Calling Features

NCC offers several calling features, also known as STAR features. The calling features are very easy to use and provide a convenience for everyone who lives a busy life! Please call us to sign up today 568-3331.

To view instructions on how to use calling features, click here.

  • Call Forward: Redirects calls to another number ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Forward Busy Line: Redirects calls to another number only when your line is busy ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Forward No Answer: Redirects calls to another number only when there is no answer ($2.00/mo.).
  • Preferred Call Forward: Allows you to select numbers that will be redirected to the forwarded phone. Phone calls from others will ring normally on your phone. ($2.00/mo.).
  • Remote Call Forward: Activate and deactivate call forward from a telephone other than your own ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Hold: Allows you to place the caller on hold ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Return: An announcement will give you the phone number of the last party that called ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Screening: Allows you to create a list of phone numbers which you do not wish to receive calls ($2.00/mo.).
  • Do Not Disturb: Prevent calls from ringing your phone by diverting them to a recorded announcement ($2.00/mo.).
  • Priority Ringing: Allows you to choose six numbers that will ring your phone differently than all other callers ($2.00/mo.).
  • Repeat Dialing: Allows your phone to automatically redial the busy number you just tried to call ($2.00/mo.).
  • Speed Calling: Allows you to program up to 30 phone numbers that you can dial a code and your phone will automatically dial ($2.00/mo.).
  • Call Waiting: A “beep” lets you know that you have another incoming call and allows you to answer it while keeping initial caller on hold ($2.00/mo.).
  • Three-Way Calling: Allows you to call two parties at one time to connect all three ($2.00/mo.).
  • Unidentified Call Rejection: Rejects any call that does not deliver the telephone number to the called party. To activate, press *77. To deactivate press *87 ($2.00/mo.).
  • Warm Line: Dials a predetermined phone number automatically if the phone is left off the hook for a certain amount of time ($2.00/mo.).
  • Special Call Acceptance: Allows you to only allow six phone numbers from which you will receive calls. All others are directed to an announcement ($2.00/mo.).
  • Voice/Data Protection: Eliminates interuption tones on your line while you are on a computer modem or fax machine ($2.00/mo.).
  • Wakeup: Allows you to set up a wakeup call that occurs at the same time everyday until cancelled by you. You can designate different times and it can be configured for multiple tries ($2.00/mo.).
  • Toll Restrictor: Prevents unauthorized long distance calls by having a toll restrictor installed on your line. You can block one-plus, zero-plus, 800, 900, 877, 888 or 950 numbers. Authorized users may place long distance calls by using a 4-digit PIN ($3.00/mo.).



Other Calling Features:

  • Voice Mail: An automated recording system with no equipment purchase necessary. Allows you to have access to your messages from any phone. You can selectively save or discard messages and a voice guides you through each step (FREE). For more information on Voice Mail, click here.
  • Voice Mail to Email: Sends your voice mail messages to your email as an attachment that you can open with media player so you won’t miss that important call while you are away. For more information on Voice to Email, click here.
  • Caller I.D.: Allows you to see the calling party’s name and number before you answer the call ($3.50/mo. number only, $4.50/mo. name & number).
  • Caller I.D. on Call Waiting: If you have Call Waiting, it allows you to see the calling party’s name and number while you are on the phone (FREE).
  • Caller I.D. Blocking: Allows you to prevent your telephone number from being delivered to the called party (FREE).
  • Personal Ringing: Allows your phone to ring with unique ringing patterns when your called by a specific phone number ($2.00/mo.).