Propel Accelerater

This service is free but not required to use dial-up.

Propel accelerates dial-up Internet use and helps eliminate pop-ups.

Install the new Propel

  • Download the new Propel Software, Click on correct download (Windows or MAC) and click “run” to install.

NCCRAY Windows – Click here to download
DIA.NET Windows – Click here to download
NCCRAY MAC – Click here to download
DIA.NET MAC – Click here to download

  • Click Run
  • Follow instructions
  • Restart Computer

When your computer starts back up you will see a window that says, “Your Username and Password are the same as your Dial-up Username and Password.”

Your Accelerator is now set-up. You should now be able to right mouse click on the new icon on the taskbar by your clock, to see your options and take a Quick tour. For assistance, call the free NCC 24-hour Help Desk toll-free from all NCC exchanges and Williston, using 859-7666. McKenzie County users can call 577-7666.