Kids Safety

Here are some tips for practicing Internet safety when using the computer!

You could endanger your entire family by sharing too much information on the Internet such as your address, phone number or school.

NEVER, NEVER share your passwords with anyone! (Except your parents if they ask)!  Don’t even tell your best friend!  You may be best friends today but what about in 5 or 10 years?

Social networking sites like Facebook, mySpace and various other sites and chat rooms are cool and a great way to connect with others.  However, you must be careful of who you are connecting with online.  NEVER add someone as a friend that you do not know! By adding a stranger you are giving them access to photos, conversations and information about yourself and family that could be potentially harmful to you!  Once you give them access, they could have your information forever!

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Delete all e-mails from unknown senders!  Often times these e-mails are hidden viruses that could ruin your computer.


Always use a screen name on the Internet, never use your real name!




Parental Controls

  • Activation fee for Time Blocking and/or Content Filtering:  $10.00
  • Monthly Time Blocking Fee*:  $2.99
  • Monthly Content Filtering Fee**:  $4.99

Time Blocking Information

Allows parents to block out certain times for the internet being available to kids.

Content Filtering

This parental control feature allows parents to specify which websites can or cannot be accessed by each device in the home.  There is also a list of allowed and blocked sites.  Filtering can be enabled or disabled for each device.  Dynamic content filtering can also be used, which allows creation of filter profiles that can be customized and users can specify a default profile (kids, children, young teens & mature teens).