Network Backer

Network Backer provides technical support to set up secure WiFi networks, hook up printers, mp3 players, routers, additional computers, etc. The technical support is provided by NCC techs on the phone or at your home without charging you a premise visit. You pay a low, monthly price of $3.95 per month to ensure that whenever you need technical support, NCC techs are available to help.

If you are not subscribing to these services, we will need to charge for the time spent on the phone or at your residence for any technical support.  These charges include an initial $25 premise visit charge, plus our current labor rate charge, with a 15-minute minimum.

Network Backer guarantees that NCC techs will spend the time with you to troubleshoot networking and technology-related problems.

Find out how you can receive a discount on this service by subscribing to the Maintenance Bundle from NCC!

*NCC is not responsible to fix or replace customer owned equipment.