Internet Support

The Internet continues to become a more widely used and valuable tool for people to work, learn, play, entertain, and keep in touch with family and friends. We are using the Internet for research, family trips, medical advice, dating, emailing friends and family, enjoying family photos, and more. Because of its popularity, the Internet has spurred other technology including; mp3 players, wireless routers, blogs, online banking, online shopping, and tons of wireless applications.

As we all know, technology can be quite complicated and confusing. NCC wants to help Internet customers with technical support to set up and keep these applications working.

Below find information about our newest services, eTech, SecureIT Plus and Network BackereTech provides remote PC Repair and has online backup and storage options. SecureIT Plus is automated Internet security (which means you do not have to do anything to keep it updated). Network Backer is a maintenance plan that allows Internet subscribers to call NCC techs and receive technical support on the phone or at your home at no additional cost.


eTech:  If you are in need of PC Repair or interested in online backup and storage solutions, please call eTech @ 855-50-ETECH (38324).  24/7 support! Click here to find more information on eTech from NCC.


Network Backer: Subscribe to NCC’s Network Backer for Only $3.95 per month and never worry about paying for tech support again!


Maintenance Bundle: Pay one montly bundled price to protect your telephone, Internet and home network. The Maintenance Bundle ensures that your telephone line is protected, your Internet is secured and you have help with your home network when you need it without being charged.