Internet Options

High Speed Internet in NCC service areas are available through DSL and Fiber to the Home. “Always on”, Telephone use not interrupted, 5 FREE e-mail accounts (addresses), 50 MB Server Storage.

DSL-Up to  8 Mbps download

  • Monthly Rate $49.00 + tax
  • Installation Fee $100.00*

FTTP and VDSL Options

  • Email and Surf Package: 15M – $49.00/mo
  • Video Streaming Package: 20M – $70.00/mo
  • Gaming Package: 30M – $85.00/mo
  • Mutliple Device Package: 50M – $110.00/mo

Gig option (1,000MB) available to residential and business customers in fiber areas. Call for availability and pricing.

Click here for more details on FTTH

* Requires signed 6-month service agreement and connect fee paid at the time of installation. A Federally mandated NECA fee is payable at the time of installation unless waived by the signing of a 6-month agreement (see below). NCC retains ownership of all material installed. Standard installation is to the distribution hub or the first computer at a $100 one time fee. Additional cable requirements are billed on a time-and-material basis at the current hourly rate, plus materials.

Customer Internet Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy