Fiber to the Home Internet Service

NCC has embarked upon a FTTH project that may last several years. This project will consist of installing fiber optic cable in the ground and at homes/businesses, which will replace aging copper in much of NCC’s rural service area. Fiber will replace the traditional copper telephone wire that has been providing telephone service for over 30 years. A huge benefit to FTTH customers is that it will bring Digital/HD Cable TV to customers who have not been able to receive this service from NCC. In addition, High Speed Internet is delivered on the fiber instead of wirelessly or by extending the DSL service. Because of its capacity Fiber optics is able to carry so much more information to customers than what the copper wires have capacity to deliver.

For the past several years, NCC has been working on a project that involved constructing a fiber optic network to replace the aging copper network that had been providing telephone service for over 30 years, and to bring advanced services, such as Broadband Internet and High Definition Cable TV to customers. With the new fiber optic system, NCC will be able to bring voice, video and data services to customers through one tiny strand of glass fiber that is plowed directly into the customer’s home.

The Fiber to the Home work began in the Epping exchange in the spring of 2009, and included the town of Epping, rural Epping, and the JV Thomas and Longcreek recreation areas. Approximately 160 miles of fiber were installed, and over 140 NCC customers are receiving their communication services via fiber optic cable.  FTTH construction in 2010 included rural Crosby, which affected approximately 119 customers.  Round Prairie exchange north of Williston was finished the end of 2012, with the exception of the Lukenbill development which was completed the first part of 2013.   RP had almost 200 customers and Lukenbill had just over 50.  Construction of FTTH in 2013 involved the McGregor exchange and brought about 80 customers advanced services.  Construction was started late summer 2013  in rural Powers Lake and the town of Battleview, and are scheduled to finish bringing FTTH to about 180 customers second quarter 2014.  Rural Ray and Wildrose are scheduled for FTTH construction in 2014.

If you would like more information about FTTH, please call NCC at 568-3331.


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