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    in High Gear

    Finally, Internet that keeps up with you.

    NCC Internet offers you:
    • Prices as low as $49.00 per month
    • Up to 50 Mbps download speeds
    • Your own NCC email address

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    Now everyone in NCC territory has access to high speed Internet. NCC can now reach you with either DSL, satellite or wireless Internet for all of your downloading, web surfing, researching or shopping needs. Call today at 568-3331 and find out how NCC can get you connected to the world!

    High Speed Internet Options
    Internet and Video Options
    Internet Support
    Email Spam Filter
    Specialty Services – Web Hosting
    Customer Internet Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy
    DSL Rates, Terms and Conditions defined by NCC Tariff
    NCC Network Management Practices Policy

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    Call your buddies over and don’t miss a beat of your favorite sports!  With Internet speeds up to a Gig and ESPN3, you just might know the sports plays before they even happen! Bring NCC Internet plus FREE ESPN3 HOME today!

    Ultra-fast 1 Gig (1000 Mbps) Internet is here! Which means no more waiting and no more buffering. Gigabit Internet will give you a multi-user online experience like no other, and NCC is proud to be the only Gig provider in the area!

      • By the time you read this you could’ve downloaded an HD movie!
      • Bandwidth for every family member (plus any extra friends they bring along) and every device!
      • NCC is committed to innovation and plans to deliver Gig Internet service to everyone in the NCC territory by the year 2020!


    In order to serve the rural, sparsely populated areas that we live in, at reasonable rates, NCC receives funding from the FCC’s Universal Service Fund.  This funding is based off of our Landline counts, therefore we have to require everyone to carry one. Landline telephones are still an important piece of 911 capabilities and for the public’s general safety. NCC is working on a broadband only plan as FCC regulations change, and will have it available for customers in the future.