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To log in to your NCC email, you can always use  Or, log in using one of these specific domains:


SPAM Email Filtering – Changes Effective Today!

NCC provides email filtering free of charge with all NCC email addresses. Many SPAM emails are filtered out before they can reach your inbox.  In the past, you could login to Postini to check all of the emails that were filtered out just to be sure there wasn’t one in there by mistake. An email was automatically generated when your Postini account was getting full to also serve as a reminder .

Postini will no longer be offering SPAM filtering after today, Feb.28th, 2013. NCC is in the process of migrating to a new filtering service offered by Red Condor / EdgeWave. The new notification for filtered emails will be sent from ”Daily Digest – NCC Ray”  These new daily digests will list out all your filtered/SPAM email and give you the option to view and release any emails you want delivered  to your inbox. SPAM email will be kept for 30 days and then automatically deleted if not released. The filtered messages do not count against your inbox limit. You may also notice messages from Postini and Red Condor / EdgeWave during the transition

You may also check your filtered email by navigating to and logging into your personal dashboard with your full email address/password. Additionally, there will be a link on the NCC homepage to check your filtered emails.



Extra E-mail Account

  • Monthly Fee $2.50 + Tax
  • Connection Fee $10.00

Extra E-Mail Account, 1 E-Mail, No Storage, Tech Support, 10 Minute Sessions